Murata - Extremely small capacitor for mobile applications

Post Date:2020-02-20,Murata

Murata has released a new multilayer ceramic capacitor, which is said to be the smallest in the world.

As portable devices such as hearing aids, smartphones, wearable technologies, and other modules become more versatile and more compact, the demand for higher circuit density by electronics engineers is also increasing.

The company's new GRM011 series 100nF (0.1μF) capacitors meet this requirement. These devices are packaged in 008004 (0201M) package and are only 0.25mm x 0.125mm x 0.125mm in size, which is 80% smaller than traditional 0402M devices and 50% smaller than currently available products.

MLCC is manufactured with fine-grain technology and high-precision lamination technology. Despite its small size, it can be used in temperatures ranging from -55C to + 105C, making it ideal for rugged applications.

Three devices (GRM011C80E104ME01, GRM011R60G104ME01, and GRM011R60J104ME01) provide rated voltages of 2.5VDC, 4VDC, and 6.3VDC, respectively. GRM011C80E104ME01 has EIA X6S temperature characteristics, while the other two devices are X5R.

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