FT234XD-R USB datasheet PDF, pin assignments, application areas

FT234XD-R USB datasheet PDF, pin assignments, application areas
Post Date:2023-10-19,FTDI, Future Technology Devices International Ltd

FT234XD-R USB datasheet PDF, pin assignments, application areas

FT234XD-R Introduction:
The FT234XD-R provides a bridge from USB to basic UART. This device is ideal for many applications, especially those that do not require complex input/output or a large number of pins, but do require USB functionality. It provides simplified functionality while maintaining the high quality and performance of FTDI's USB 2.0 devices.

FT234XD-R Specifications

Part Number   FT234XD-R
Category   Interface-Controllers
FTDI, Future Technology Devices International Ltd
Cut Tape (CT)
Interface    UART
Voltage - Supply    2.97V~5.5V
Operating Temperature  -40°C ~ 85°C
Package/Case   12-VFDFN Exposed Pad
Supplier Device Package   12-DFN (3x3)
Current - Supply   8mA
Bridge, USB to UART
Protocol   USB
Standards   USB 2.0
Package_case   12-VFDFN Exposed Pad


FT234XD-R pin assignment:

FT234XD Block Diagram

main feature:

USB 2.0 full speed capability.
Only minimal external components are required.
Built-in EEPROM for device ID and product description strings.
Asynchronous serial data transfer rates up to 3 Mbaud.
Low USB bandwidth consumption.
UHCI/OHCI/EHCI host controller compatible.
Power delivery and USB activity indication.
Package options: 16-pin SSOP and QFN packages.
FTDI (Future Technology Devices International Ltd) is a UK-based company specializing in USB-related technology and application solutions. Its products include USB chips, modules, cables and other related electronic products.

USB Compliant
The FT234XD is fully compliant with the USB 2.0 specification and has been given the USB-IF Test-ID
(TID) 40001465 (Rev D).

USB power configuration
The following sections describe possible USB power configurations for the FT234XD. illustration
Pin numbers are omitted for ease of understanding as pin numbers differ between FT234XDS and FT234XDS
FT234XDQ package options.
All USB power configurations shown are available for both FT packaging options

Application areas:
The application fields of FT234XD-R are very wide, including:
USB to serial converter
Update legacy devices to USB
Low cost USB instrument
Fast USB transmitter/receiver
PDA and USB interaction
USB modal and embedded designs

FT234XD-R: Datasheet PDF

Replacement parts for FT234XD-R: 




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