Tl431 ,Tl431A and Tl432 -transistor datasheet product information and applications

Tl431 ,Tl431A and Tl432 -transistor datasheet product information and applications
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Tl431 Tl432 -transistor datasheet product information and applications

TL431 is a classic, adjustable, three-terminal voltage regulator that is widely used in power supply design. The following is a brief introduction to basic product information, manufacturer and application areas of TL431:

Most Commonly Used Components TL431 Application Guide


  TL431 product information:

1. Description: The TL431 is an adjustable precision voltage regulator often used as a voltage reference or low power voltage regulator.
2. Voltage range: adjustable from Vref (approximately 2.495V) to 36V.
3. Output current: capable of driving a maximum output current of 100mA.
4. Reference input current: Typically 1μA
5. Temperature coefficient: low, some versions are as low as 0.005%/°C.
6. Noise: low

TL431, TL432 Manufacturer:
Texas Instruments(TI) is one of the major manufacturers of TL431. However, due to the popularity and versatility of this device, many other semiconductor manufacturers also produce and sell the TL431 or its equivalents.



 STMicroelectronics is also the main manufacturer of TL431 LT432 TL431X series such as: TL431ACCT , TL431ACD , TL431ACD , 

 TL4311JG (IGBT Module) , TL431AMSDT,215 (Manufacturer: NXP USA Inc.) , TL431AIPG (ON Semiconductor)  TL431AIDBZR,215 (Manufacturer: Nexperia USA Inc.)

TL431 application fields:

1. Power management: often used as a feedback circuit in switching power supplies.
2. Voltage reference: used as a stable voltage reference source in ADC, DAC and high-precision power supply design.
3. Current source: Set the constant current source through an external resistor.
4. Voltage monitoring: can be used as overvoltage or undervoltage monitoring.
5. Battery management: used as a reference for voltage or current in battery charge and discharge management.
6. Amplifier: Used in conjunction with an operational amplifier to form a high-precision adjustable gain circuit.
7. Temperature monitoring: Combined with temperature sensing elements, temperature-related functions can be realized.

TL431 Features:
■ Adjustable output voltage: 2.5 to 36 V
■ Sink current capability: 1 to 100 mA
■ Typical output impedance: 0.22 Ω
■ 1% and 2% voltage precision
■ Automotive temp. range - 40 °C to +125 °C
■ Power supply
■ Industrial
■ Automotive
The TL431 and TL432 are programmable shunts
voltage references with guaranteed temperature
stability over the entire operating temperature
range. The device temperature range is extended
for the automotive version from -40 °C up to
+125 °C. The output voltage can be set to any
value between 2.5 and 36 V with two external
resistors. The TL431 and TL432 operate with a
wide current range from 1 to 100 mA with a typical
dynamic impedance of 0.22 Ω.

Different packages of TL431:
TO-92(Plastic package) ,SOT23-3 ,  SOT23-5 , SOT323-6  , SO-8 (Batwing plastic micropackage)

TL431 TL432 pin assignment:

Figure 1.TO-92 pin connections (top view)

Figure 2. SO-8 batwing pin connections (top view)

Figure 3. SOT23-5 and SOT23-3 pin connections (top view)

Figure 4. TL431 and TL432 block diagram

  TL431 TL432 Absolute Maximum Ratings and Operating Conditions:

Table 1. Absolute maximum ratings

1. Short-circuits can cause excessive heating. These values are typical
2. Human body model: a 100 pF capacitor is charged to the specified voltage, then discharged through a
1.5 kΩ resistor between two pins of the device. This is done for all couples of connected pin combinations
while the other pins are floating.
3. Machine model: a 200 pF capacitor is charged to the specified voltage, then discharged directly between
two pins of the device with no external series resistor (internal resistor < 5 Ω). This is done for all couples of
connected pin combinations while the other pins are floating.
4. Charged device model: all pins and the package are charged together to the specified voltage and then
discharged directly to the ground through only one pin. This is done for all pins

TL431 TL432 package information:
TL431 TL432 SO-8 package mechanical drawing



Tl431 transistor:
TO-92 bulk package mechanical drawing


TL431 TL432 Datasheet: PDF




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