Voltage Comparator IC LM339 VS lm339n datasheet, product information and application features

Voltage Comparator IC LM339 VS lm339n datasheet, product information and application features
Post Date:2023-10-12,Texas Instruments

Voltage Comparator IC LM339 VS lm339n datasheet, product information and application features

The LM339 is a commonly used quad comparator that is often used in various electronic applications. In this article, we will discuss LM339 pinout, datasheet, equivalent devices, applications, features and other details about this IC LM339:


Comparator Circuit Explained Using LM339

LM339 pinout:

1. Output 1
2. Inverting Input (V-) 1
3. Non-Inverting Input (V+) 1
4. VCC (positive power supply)
5. Non-Inverting Input (V+) 2
6. Inverting Input (V-) 2
7. Output 2
8. Output 3
9. Inverting Input (V-) 3
10. Non-Inverting Input (V+) 3
11. GND (negative pole of power supply)
12. Non-Inverting Input (V+) 4
13. Inverting Input (V-) 4
14. Output 4


LM339 equivalent device:

LM239 (operates in more stringent industrial ambient temperatures)
LM2901 (operates over wider temperature range)
LM3302 (low power version of LM139) LM2901LM3302LM139LM397LM239LM324MC3302NCV2901MC3302CA139CA139A、CA239、CA339
LM339N  , LM339AD  , LM339ADBRG4 ,  LM339ADE4 , LM339ADG4 , LM339ADR ,LM339APW , LM339DT , LM339EDR2G , LM339F-E2 , LM339J , LM339M ,

LM339PT , LM339SNG .datasheets.The above chip data sheets can be viewed at www.jinftry.com


LM339 application:

Supply voltage monitoring
Window comparators for ADCs
voltage level converter
Current monitoring
Pulse Width Modulator (PWM)


LM339 features:

Four independent comparators
With open-drain output, it can directly drive LEDs or connect to other circuits
Wide supply voltage range: 2V to 36V
Low power consumption
Large input voltage range, can exceed the supply voltage
Open loop differential input voltage gain high



LM339 package



The difference between LM339AD and LM339N

"LM339AD" and "LM339N" both refer to the same basic model of quad voltage comparator. These comparators are widely used in various electronic applications such as power supply protection, level detection and conversion
Package type: When the product model suffix has "N", it usually indicates a standard plastic package, such as DIP (dual in-line package). Those without "N" may refer to other types of packages or a general term that represents all package types in this series.
LM339 has a wide common mode range, from 0v to power supply voltage -1.5v; the power supply voltage range is wide: single power supply 2-36V; dual power supply voltage is ±1V~±18V.
The LM339N is a quad voltage comparator. It comes in a dual in-line 14-pin package. Maximum operating voltage is ±18V, power consumption is 265mW

Part Number LM339N LM339AD
Package Tube Cut Tape (CT)
Mounting Type Through Hole Surface Mount
Package / Case 14-DIP (0.300\", 7.62mm) 14-SOIC (0.154\", 3.90mm Width)
Supplier Device Package 14-DIP 14-SO
Output Type CMOS, DTL, ECL, MOS, Open-Collector, TTL CMOS, DTL, ECL, MOS, Open-Collector, TTL
Voltage - Supply, Single/Dual (±) 2V ~ 32V, ±1V ~ 16V 2V ~ 32V, ±1V ~ 16V
Voltage - Input Offset (Max) 5mV @ 30V 2mV @ 30V
Current - Input Bias (Max) 0.25µA @ 5V 0.1µA @ 5V
Current - Quiescent (Max) 2.5mA 2.5mA
Current - Output (Typ) 16mA @ 5V 16mA @ 5V



Other information:

The open-collector output structure allows multiple comparators to be wired when the input voltage exceeds a specified threshold, or to drive other circuits directly.
Due to its open collector output structure, the LM339 can be used with different logic level circuits.
This IC is available in various packages such as DIP, SOIC, SOP, SO, TSSOP, etc.


LM339 Datasheet :

LM339 lm339n lm339d: Datasheet PDF
Download ON Semiconductor LM339N: Datasheet



LM339 Frequently Asked Questions:


What kind of IC is LM339?

LM339 is a voltage comparator IC of the LMx39x series, which is used in manufacturing in various industries. The device consists of four independent voltage comparators and is designed to operate from a single supply.

What is a comparator IC?

A comparator is an electronic circuit that compares two inputs applied to it and produces an output. The output value of the comparator indicates which input is larger or smaller. It is worth noting that comparators are nonlinear applications of ICs.

How does the LM339 comparator work?

LM339 is a quad op amp comparator. How a comparator works: Each op-amp of a comparator has 2 inputs: an inverting input and a non-inverting input. If the inverting input voltage is greater than the non-inverting input, the output goes to ground.

What is the use of LM339?

The LM339 is used in applications where two voltage signals need to be compared. In addition to the four comparators onboard, the device can compare four pairs of voltage signals at once, which can be useful in certain applications.

Can LM393 replace LM358?

LM358 and LM393 look similar on the surface, but LM358 is a linear output operational amplifier and LM393 is a digital output comparator. Their working principles are different, so they are not interchangeable.



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