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2023-01-03, ADI ADRF5141 High Power Transmit and Receive Switch IC

141 High Power Transmit and Receive Switch IC ADI's ADRF5141 High Power Transmit and Receive Switch IC is a 50ΩΩ reflective SPDT switch IC fabricated on a silicon process.

2023-01-03, NXP TJA115x Secure CAN Transceivers

5x Secure CAN Transceivers NXP TJA115x Secure CAN Transceivers provide a seamless and cost-effective solution for securing Classical CAN and CAN FD communications without encryption.

2023-01-03, Microchip AVR32DD and AVR16DD 8-bit Microcontrollers

AVR32DD and AVR16DD 8-bit Microcontrollers Microchip AVR32DD/AVR16DD 8-Bit Microcontrollers are based on the AVR CPU and operate at clock speeds up to 24MHz over the entire supply voltage range of 1.

2023-01-03, TI TPS92665 LED Matrix Manager

65 LED Matrix Manager TI's TPS92665 LED Matrix Manager enables fully dynamic adaptive lighting solutions by providing individual pixel-level LED control.

2022-12-13, Microchip AVR64DD14/20 Microcontrollers

AVR64DD14/20 Microcontrollers Microchip Technology AVR64DD14/20 Microcontrollers are part of the AVR DD family of microcontrollers.

2022-12-13, Renesas RAA271082 Automotive PMIC

AA271082 Automotive PMIC Renesas RAA271082 Automotive PMIC is an adaptive multi-rail power IC that includes a primary side high voltage synchronous buck regulator, two secondary side low voltage synchronous buck regulators, and an LDO regulator.

2022-12-13, Texas Instruments HDC302x Digital Humidity Sensors

truments HDC302x Digital Humidity Sensors TI HDC302x/HDC302x-Q1 Digital Humidity Sensors are integrated capacitive relative humidity and temperature sensors.

2022-12-13, MikroeElektronika 4G LTE 2 Voice Clicker

ktronika 4G LTE 2 Voice Clicker MikroeElektronika 4G LTE 2 Voice Click provides a secure cloud multi-band solution with universal connectivity and reliable performance on a compact add-on board.

2022-12-06, NXP N-AFE 8-Channel Analog Front-End IC

8-Channel Analog Front-End IC NXP N-AFE 8-Channel Analog Front End (AFE) IC is a highly configurable industrial-grade multi-channel general-purpose input AFE for high-precision measurement requirements.

2022-12-06, TI AMC23C12/AMC23C12-Q1 Window Comparator

12/AMC23C12-Q1 Window Comparator Texas Instruments AMC23C12 Isolated Window Comparator has a fast response time.

2022-11-16, TI TPS54308/TPS54308DDCR Synchronous 350kHz Step-Down Converter

08/TPS54308DDCR Synchronous 350kHz Step-Down Converter TI TPS54308 4.

2022-11-16, MARVELL 88E1512-A0-NNP2I000/88E1518/88E1512/88E1514

bsp;88E1512-A0-NNP2I000/88E1518/88E1512/88E1514 device is a physical layer device that contains a single 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet transceiver.

2022-11-16, STM STM8S207C8T6 8-bit microcontroller

207C8T6 8-bit microcontroller STMicroelectronics STM8S207C8T 6-bit microcontroller (MCU) family combines leading performance, robustness, peripherals, and cost-effectiveness.

2022-11-16, TI MSP430F5528 / MSP430F5529 Microprocessors

F5528 / MSP430F5529 Microprocessors Texas Instruments MSP430F5528 and MSP430F5529 Mixed-Signal Microprocessors are part of the ultra-low-power MSP430 MCU family.

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