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JINFTRY Privacy Policy

The JINFTRY privacy policy (this policy) explains our data collection and use through the display of related products on the JINFTRY website (this website), as well as communication, purchase and service functions, so please read the entire policy and use this website to indicate Users of the site have accepted this policy.

We may update this policy from time to time, therefore, we encourage website users to review this policy on a regular basis. After updating the policy, we reserve the right to send notices to users of the website via email or any other delivery method, but it is not required. If the user continues to use this website after we update the policy, it means that the user accepts the updated policy by default.

Collect website user information

We collect website users’ information in two ways: (1) When users provide us with information or users authorize us to obtain information; (2) When users visit and use this website, all information we collect from users is defined as "collection Information".

(A) When creating and maintaining a user account, it may cause us to obtain a user name, email address, and other personal information filled in during registration;

(B) When the user purchases the product, it may cause us to obtain the user's credit card information, billing address and other financial records;

(C) When users make inquiries, communicate and make requests through this website, this may lead us to obtain user information through other third-party services with the user's permission;

(D) When users access and use this website through personal computers or other devices, it may cause us to obtain the following automatically recorded information (collectively referred to as "log data"); (1) User Internet Protocol address, (2) User access to this website The address of the webpage visited before the website, (3) the type and other settings of the user’s browser, (4) the date and time of any request made by the user to this website, (5) the type of personal computer or other equipment, (6) the user’s personal The operating system and other software on the computer or other equipment, (7) the settings on the user’s personal computer or other equipment, (8) the user’s geographic coordinates and geographic location data, (9) other information provided by tracking technology, such as cookies ( As described in more detail below);

(E) When contacting users, when reviewing or processing questionnaires submitted by users or through this website, or when reviewing or processing users’ requests for products or services provided by or through this website, in any such Under circumstances, it may lead us to obtain information disclosed or submitted by users;

(F) When users participate in any surveys, sweepstakes, contests or promotional activities through this website, it may cause us to obtain the user's name, profile photo, email address, and other registration and profile information.

The information we collect is divided into two categories: (a) identifiable information: only used to clearly identify the user as a unique person, (b) unlimited use information: all collected information other than identifiable information.

(A) Identifiable information includes but is not limited to the following information: (1) user name, (2) user mailing address, (3) user phone number, (4) user email address, (5) user IP address, (6) User billing information, (7) The unique identifier of the user’s personal computer and other equipment.

(B) Unlimited usage information includes but is not limited to the following information: (1) cookie information, pixel tag information and other digital behaviors about users, (2) pages requested or visited by users, (3) frequency of user requests or visits, (4) User search terms, (5) User public information and user public information related to this website (whether used in the public part of this website or in the private part of this website), (6) Related to user submitted information Data, (7) User geographic coordinates and geographic location data, (8) User log data not included in (1) to (7) above.


In order to make certain parts of the website function properly, we use cookies. Cookies are small data files that are transferred by a website to the hard drive of a user's computer. Cookies cannot read personal data on the user's hard drive or read cookie files created by other websites; the only identifiable information that a cookie can contain is information provided by the user. Although users can still browse and search for products on the website, users must enable cookies to add products to the user's shopping cart, and to create and log in to My Jinftry accounts.

Use and share user identifiable information

We may use user-identifiable information for a variety of purposes, such as:

(A) It makes it easier for users to use this website by not requiring users to enter identifiable information multiple times.

(B) Help users quickly find services or information on this website.

(C) We may use identifiable information (including user email addresses, phone numbers and unique identifiers) to send our product and service updates and promotional/advertising materials to users, including newsletters. If the user wants to stop receiving our promotional/advertising materials, the user should update the account-related settings on the website.

(D) We may use identifiable information to answer user questions or comments.

(E) We can use identifiable information to develop, customize, and deliver products and content on the website, make the website better, improve and optimize the functions of the website, and notify users about product updates, and when users use our website Proactively contact the user when receiving an error, so that we can help the user solve the problem.

(F) We can combine identifiable information with unlimited use information.

(G) After obtaining the user's consent, we may use identifiable information to enhance the user's convenience in the use of the website.

We may share user identifiable information for multiple purposes

(A) We may share identifiable information with Jinftry's parent company or subsidiary.

(B) We may share identifiable information with third parties who assist this website. Except for the purpose of use indicated by us, these third parties are not authorized to retain, share, store or use identifiable information.

(C) We may share identifiable information with credit reporting agencies.

(D) If we believe that the sharing of identifiable information is reasonably necessary, then we will share the identifiable information while ensuring that it is not leaked. For example, the following reasons: (1) in order to protect or defend the legal rights, property, safety or security of our users, we can share identifiable information, (2) prevent fraud and security issues in other ways, (3) risk management Purpose, (4) Comply with laws, regulations, legal requests, legal procedures, legal requirements, judicial procedures or court orders, (5) Investigate possible crimes such as fraud or identity theft.

We reserve the right to de-identify user identifiable information for any and all purposes. Unless described or permitted in this policy, we will obtain user permission before sharing user identifiable information with third parties. We can use and share all unlimited usage information (including identifiable information that has been deleted) at our sole discretion, without any restrictions or restrictions. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing sentence, we reserve the use, distribution, editing, display, archiving, release, sublicensing, execution, reproduction, provision, transmission, broadcasting, sale, reuse, translation, aggregation and creation of derivative Product rights. In addition, we can use unlimited usage information to achieve the following functions and needs: (1) monitor, maintain and improve the functions of this website, (2) make this website more able to meet the needs of visitors and users of this website, (3) improve The user experience of the website and website, (4) respond to surveys or seek responses to surveys, (5) notify and attract more users to use and visit this website.

Disclosure by website users to third parties

We are not responsible for any information that users disclose to any third party through this website or through this website.

Data Security

We use various security technologies and encryption technologies to protect users' identifiable information, including secure servers, firewalls, and credit card information encryption. Please rest assured! However, there are always potential risks in sending information through any network channel or keeping information on any storage device, and we cannot fully guarantee that the communication between users and us will not be accessed by unauthorized third parties. We are not responsible for any unauthorized access, illegal or unauthorized use of information (including identifiable information).

Children Information

The privacy policy of this website is not responsible for the behavior of children under the age of 13. If you learn that your minor children have provided us with identifiable information without your consent, please contact us in time.

Agree to use

Users who visit and use this website, by default, agree to the personal data they own, including user identifiable information, to be used and stored in any place where we conduct business, including countries/regions other than the user.

Questions and suggestions

If users have any questions or comments about this policy, please contact us in time:

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