SiC inverter drive solutions for electric buses and trucks

SiC inverter drive solutions for electric buses and trucks
Post Date:2024-01-04,SILICON

SiC inverter drive solutions for electric buses and trucks

As the artery of modern society, the efficiency of urban transportation networks is directly related to urban vitality and environmental quality. Facing severe environmental challenges and increasing pressure to reduce emissions, electric buses and trucks have become an important force in achieving sustainable development goals and improving urban transportation systems. However, as the demand for electric vehicles intensifies, how to improve the power and efficiency of electric vehicles to adapt to growing urban needs has become an urgent problem before us.


In response to this demand, Belgian company Cissoid has joined forces with Silicon Mobility to jointly develop a SiC inverter solution designed for powerful electric bus and truck motor drive systems. Designed to power electric motors up to 350kW/850V, the reference design’s high-performance characteristics meet the high power and efficiency standards for large vehicles used in today’s urban traffic.

As a leading supplier of high-temperature semiconductor solutions, Cissoid has in-depth research and extensive experience in the field of high-voltage gate drive technology. Designed specifically for the electrification of urban transportation, the company's products cover the high-voltage gate drives required for SiC and GaN switching devices, provide low-inductance and thermally optimized power modules, and exceed the automotive industry's most stringent AEC-Q100 Grade 0 quality Standard, automotive-grade components that can operate stably at operating temperatures up to 175°C.


At the same time, Silicon Mobility’s OLEA APP INVERTER software is unique in implementing advanced motor control, aiming to optimize the performance of SiC inverters to provide a smoother driving experience and higher system efficiency for electric vehicles. Through this close collaboration, Cissoid and Silicon Mobility provide a comprehensive and integrated SiC inverter reference design for electric vehicles that not only helps simplify the development process but also accelerates the market launch of new electric vehicles.


For electric bus and truck manufacturers, this reference design will provide unprecedented technical support to design new electric steering systems with excellent performance and high energy efficiency. Important criteria for measuring the quality of electric vehicles include charging time, cruising range, overall energy consumption, etc., and SiC inverter development kits from Cissoid and Silicon Mobility have shown excellent improvement potential in these aspects. Through precise power regulation and efficiency management, electric buses and trucks can enable long-distance transportation, fast charging, and longer maintenance intervals and lifespan.


Facing the urgent requirements of environmental change, Cissoid's technological innovation can help vehicle manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint and support urban transportation's move toward electrification. As more and more cities achieve zero-emission targets for public transportation, this advanced SiC inverter technology will play a key role in environmental protection, transportation efficiency improvement, and energy conservation and emission reduction. As an authorized Cissoid dealer, BONCHIP’s development kit means manufacturers can now directly access this innovative technology and quickly bring high-performance electric buses and trucks to market.


Summary Electric buses and trucks will play an even more crucial role in the upcoming future urban landscape. The SiC inverter drive solution launched by Cissoid and Silicon Mobility provides a solid technical foundation to achieve this goal. By realizing electric drive for large vehicles, the sustainability and efficiency of urban transportation will be greatly improved, creating a clean, quiet, and efficient travel environment for urban residents and opening up a new path. This is not only a manifestation of technological progress, but also a firm step towards building a better future for urban transportation.




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