Souriau High Performance Connector D38999/20FF11PN-LC Introduction-Agent Distribution in Stock

Souriau High Performance Connector D38999/20FF11PN-LC Introduction-Agent Distribution in Stock
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Souriau High Performance Connector D38999/20FF11PN-LC Introduction-Agent Distribution in Stock

D38999/20FF11PN-LC looks like a model number for a specific type of circular connector, possibly part of the D38999 series. The D38999 series connector is a high-performance circular connector commonly used in harsh environments such as military, aerospace, industrial and marine applications.

D38999/20FF11PN AE3 11C 11#16 pin RECP
Deliver high-quality performance in demanding environments

Conesys D38999 Series III connectors are MIL-DTL-38999 compliant, providing exceptional durability and performance in any environment. The D38999 Series III connector features a one-turn coupling system with self-locking Acme threads for increased strength and impact resistance.

Extended mounting holes allow Series III connectors to be inter-mounted with a variety of existing military-spec flange mount receptacles, giving them a design replacement advantage.

Conesys D38999 Series III connectors can withstand at least 500 mating cycles, and their proven corrosion resistance, fluid resistance and EMI/RFI shielding make them ideal for general exposure and harsh environment exposure applications.

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Features and Benefits:
MIL-STD-1560 Insertion Arrangement - Series III connectors use the common insertion pattern and contacts of Series I, allowing easy transition from bayonet to three-lead, trapezoidal thread, self-locking coupling
Metal-on-metal bottom - This feature prevents relative movement between housings that can cause common connector wear and moisture trapping
It is worth highlighting:
MIL-DTL-38999 Series III, EN 3645, BACC63CT, CU, BACC63DB, DC)
The 8D Series are highly reliable connectors compliant with major standards (MIL-DTL-38999 Series III, EN3645, BgACC63) to meet the most stringent requirements in harsh environments.

The 8D Series connectors are available in five high-end materials and five platings (8D Aluminum, 8D Composite, 8D Titanium, 8D Stainless Steel, and 8D Bronze) to meet any corrosion, impact, durability or firewall capability you will encounter.

8D connectors also offer a full range of contacts, such as signal transmission, high-speed data transmission (Quadax, Twinax, Coax, ELIO®). Provides 54 QPL layouts compliant with MIL-STD-1560.

The 8D Series is a MIL-compliant connector design with a unique self-locking mechanism (Patented by Eaton Souriau), visual mating indication, anti-scooping, quick-screw coupling and 360° shielding. The patented self-locking system and metal contact retaining clip technology make this product ideal for high vibration applications or rough handling on site.

8D connectors offer a specific RoHS alternative to cadmium. Souriau by Eaton has more than 10 years of experience producing zinc nickel and continues to improve it to suit the harsh environmental conditions of the military and aerospace. Zinc-nickel connectors are among the first to be certified by the U.S. Defense Standards Organization (DLA Land and Maritime). It provides the most cost-effective solution for cadmium replacement surface treatments.

Self-locking coupling mechanism
Contact protection
Quick Connector - 11/4 turn to fit
visual mating instructions
Electromagnetic interference shielding
D38999, EN3645 or BACC63 standard part number,
8D part numbers for cost-effective commercial solutions
Eliminate wiring locks - self-locking quick connect plugs eliminate the need for wiring locks
Firewall Capabilities - Available in K and S Firewall Level Stainless Steel Enclosures

Universal I/R Tool - Use a single disposable plastic tool to insert and remove contacts
Anti-Scoop Design - Recessed pins in the slim housing minimize the possibility of contact damage. In blind mating applications, the mating housing fails to "scoop" the pins and causes the contacts to short or bend
Enclosed Socket Insert - Hard dielectric socket face with lead-in chamfers to properly align pins with socket (even partially flexed within pre-set limits)
Interface Pin Insertion Seal - A raised vapor barrier surrounding each pin, which mates with the lead-in chamfer of the hard-sided socket insert, provides an individual contact seal. Service tools never touch the interface seal
Elastomeric Wire Seal Grommets - Triple wire seals in each cavity on the rear of the connector ensure sealing for a variety of wire diameters
Superior Contact Stability - Rear release crimp contact system features stamped beryllium copper retaining clips that are secured by molded shoulders for each contact cavity in the insulator. Rear inserted M81969 plastic tool extends the tines beyond the shoulder, releasing the contacts
Metric Accessory Threads – Metric threads allow for increased wall thickness, providing greater strength and impact resistance


High reliability: D38999 series connectors are designed to provide stable and reliable connections in extreme environments.
Highly protective: These connectors are usually highly waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion-proof, ensuring they can function properly in harsh conditions.
High density: The D38999 series provides a variety of shell sizes and contact arrangements to adapt to different connection needs and can provide high-density connection solutions.
Quick Coupling: These connectors typically feature threaded couplings or other quick coupling mechanisms for quick and easy connection and disconnection.
Electrical performance: D38999 series connectors provide excellent electrical performance, including high voltage and current carrying capabilities, and low contact resistance.
Application areas:

Military: D38999 series connectors are widely used in military equipment, including radar, communication equipment, navigation systems, etc.
Aerospace: These connectors play a key role in various systems on aircraft and spacecraft, such as engine control, avionics systems, communications and sensor systems, etc.
Industry: In harsh industrial environments, D38999 series connectors are used to connect various equipment and systems, such as automation control systems, robotics, sensors and instruments, etc.
Marine: In marine applications, these connectors are used in ships, submarines, and ocean exploration equipment to ensure stable connections in wet and corrosive environments.
Major manufacturers:
D38999 series connectors are produced by several manufacturers, the most well-known of which are probably Amphenol, TE Connectivity (formerly Tyco Electronics), Souriau and Glenair, etc. These companies offer a wide range of D38999 series connector products to meet the needs of different applications.



The D38999 series includes models:

 D38999/20FA35AA , D38999/20FA35AN , D38999/20FA35PA ,D38999/20FA35PAL , D38999/20FA35PBL ,

D38999/20FA35PC ,D38999/20FA35PCL , D38999/20FA35PD ,D38999/20FA35PE ,D38999/20FA35PNL

D38999/20FA35SA ,D38999/20FA35SAL , D38999/20FA35SBL , D38999/20FA35SC ,D38999/20FA98PA

D38999/20FA98PN , D38999/20FA98SNLD38999/20FB2AA , D38999/20FB2PD , D38999/20FB2PD-LC ..... 

Among them, the BACC63 series package models include: BACC63BN10-20P10 , 

BACC63BN10-2AS9 , BACC63BN12-12P6 , BACC63BN14 , BACC63BN16 ,  BACC63BN18-14PN , 

BACC63BN20-28PN ,BACC63BN22-12P8H ,BACC63BN8-2PN ,BACC63BP10C20P10 ,


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