Electrification of construction equipment: SiC inverters in heavy machinery

Electrification of construction equipment: SiC inverters in heavy machinery
Post Date:2023-12-26,CISSOID

Electrification of construction equipment: SiC inverters in heavy machinery

As engineering technology continues to advance and environmental regulations become increasingly stringent, the construction industry is undergoing a revolution - the electrification of heavy machinery. From cranes to excavators to special operation vehicles and more, stability and powerful power conversion have become basic technical requirements for these engineering giants in the process of switching to hybrid or fully electric. The key to solving these challenges, in addition to advanced power management concepts, lies in the support of power conversion equipment with excellent performance.

CISSOID, a pioneering high-temperature semiconductor manufacturer, is well-known in the industry for its years of expertise in power devices. The company not only provides robust high-temperature solutions but also drives technological innovation at the hardware level. CISSOID has worked closely with Silicon Mobility, a leader in power control solutions, to jointly develop a fully integrated, high-performance SiC inverter reference design designed to meet the stringent high voltage and power requirements of heavy-duty construction equipment.



This specially designed 350kW/850V SiC inverter development kit not only provides users with strong hardware support, but also integrates Silicon Mobility's cutting-edge motor control technology to build an advanced new energy vehicle motor control platform. It focuses on high efficiency, fast response and stability in extreme environments, making it very suitable for the application scenario of construction equipment. CISSOID's high-performance inverter is one of the best technical solutions on the market, which greatly simplifies the design process and significantly shortens the time from trial production to product launch.

Three-phase 1200V/340A-550A highly integrated SiC inverter platform

The SiC inverter platform can provide a complete modular silicon carbide (SiC) inverter reference design (supporting motor drives up to 350KW/850V). The reference design includes CISSOID SiC-based high-voltage power modules, integrated gate drivers, Using Silicon Mobility's ultra-fast and secure OLEAT222 FPCU's control board, DC and phase current sensors, DC bus capacitors and EMI filtering, as well as integrated liquid cooling, the SiC inverter platform can help customers convert their inverters to the fastest The method is integrated into the motor drive system to help customers quickly build a complete development platform, simplify the design process, and shorten the time to market.

Not only does electrification make these machines easier to operate and maintain, it also makes them a force for sustainable development because of their use of clean energy. Electric cranes provide a quiet and zero-emission working environment, while electric excavators demonstrate unparalleled efficiency and flexibility. Various special operation vehicles have also become more environmentally friendly and efficient due to electrification.


In addition, with the popularization of electrification, construction machinery that originally relied on hydraulics or diesel, such as road maintenance vehicles and bulldozers, are gradually turning to electric drive alternatives. These changes not only reduce fuel costs, but also reduce mechanical failure rates and improve operational reliability and efficiency. Vibration and noise from electrification are also greatly reduced, providing a more comfortable working environment for on-site operators.


Increased energy conversion efficiency is another important advantage brought by electrified building equipment. SiC inverters play an important role here, as their ability to operate over a wider temperature range while maintaining high efficiency ensures the performance of heavy machinery in challenging construction environments. The lightweight design and excellent energy efficiency of electrified machinery make its economic and environmental benefits parallel, promoting the green revolution of the entire construction industry.


The electrification of heavy machinery also creates new demands on electrical infrastructure. In order to adapt to these changes, construction sites need to establish fast charging stations to ensure continuous operation of machinery. Electrified building equipment makes energy supply more concentrated and efficient, which also lays a solid foundation for the construction of future smart cities and smart construction sites.


Under the global green development trend, CISSOID is a pioneer in electrification transformation, and its inverter technology can be said to be an important cornerstone of green building equipment. As an authorized agent of CISSOID, BONCHIP will realize the widespread application of this technology, provide users with a full range of services including supply chain and technical support, and jointly witness and promote the electrification innovation and sustainable development of the construction machinery industry.




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