CR2430.SC vs. CR2430.IB: Are the CR2430.SC and CR2430.IB batteries interchangeable?

CR2430.SC vs. CR2430.IB: Are the CR2430.SC and CR2430.IB batteries interchangeable?
Post Date:2023-06-25,

CR2430.SC vs. CR2430.IB: Are the CR2430.SC and CR2430.IB batteries interchangeable?

Disposable lithium battery cell
3V Lithium Battery OEM Swiss Made
Technical Data Sheet
Specifications Dimensions
Chemical System Li / MnO2
Nominal Voltage 3 V
Rated Capacity 285 mAh
Standard Discharge Current 0.5mA
Max. Cont. Discharge Current 4.0 mA
Average Weight 4.1 g
Operating Temperature*-40 - +85 °C
Self Discharge at 23°C < 1% / year

CR2430.SC and CR2430.IB batteries have the same appearance, but the performance, use environment, and capacity are different.

CR2430.SC (commercial consumer packaging) and CR2430.IB (industrial packaging) are worth noting the two packaging model suffixes It is also different.

this article will explain what is the difference between them and whether they can be used interchangeably.
CR2430.SC (commercial consumer packaging) has passed IQC experimental test data:
Specification requirements: load>2.85V
Measurement data mAh: 2.97, 2.72, 2.90, 2.60, 2.45
  Figure : 32% lower load voltage
Test Quantity: Test 100PCS, 4pcs failed to meet the standard, 4% failed to meet the 2.85V standard
Aging test: 24 hours current value 2 microamps

The technical article of the manufacturer renata pointed out that CR2430.SC is used under the condition of 23° environment and 2V voltage,

and the capacitance reaches 70% of the nominal value to be qualified.
Relevant testers have concluded after testing that some batteries of CR2430.SC (commercial consumer packaging) cannot reach 285mAh,

while CR2430.IB (industrial packaging) can fully meet the nominal capacity standard.

The load voltage of the bad battery is lower than the requirement, the load is required to be 150ohm, the voltage is >2.68V, the defective product is as shown in the figure below

Qualified products are as shown in the figure below, with a load of 150ohm and a voltage > 2.68V


In summary, CR2430.SC (commercial consumer packaging) is not recommended to be used interchangeably with CR2430.IB (industrial packaging)

when some production equipment requires strict capacitance.
It is worth noting that CR2430 commercial consumer packaging and CR2430 industrial packaging,

these two different packaging, do not have the obvious marking of the suffixes of SC and IB.

Therefore, in the process of use, it is clear whether it is for commercial consumption or industrial use.
The above article is purely a test experiment manuscript of the quality control department of Jinftry Company, and is for reference only.
Note: When replacing any IC, battery, many factors must be considered,

such as supply voltage, output voltage, load current, etc. When replacing an IC,

be sure to confirm that it meets the design specifications.
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