Cissoid 800V SiC inverter: safeguarding the performance of next-generation electric vehicles

Cissoid 800V SiC inverter: safeguarding the performance of next-generation electric vehicles
Post Date:2024-01-25,CISSOID
Cissoid 800V SiC inverter: safeguarding the performance of next-generation electric vehicles

As the global climate change problem becomes increasingly serious, governments around the world have introduced policies to promote clean energy and sustainable transportation solutions. Consumers' awareness of environmental protection is also increasing, which puts the electric vehicle (EV) industry at a breakthrough point of rapid growth and technological innovation. This revolution continues to advance under the dual influence of government policy tilt and changes in consumer awareness.


The heart of an electric vehicle is its motor drive system, and in order to improve the overall performance of the vehicle, the 800V high-voltage platform has become the focus of technology research and development. The 800V voltage level can significantly improve charging efficiency and the endurance of electric vehicles compared with the traditional 400V system. For this reason, the Belgian company Cissoid cooperated with Silicon Mobility to launch an innovative 800V modular silicon carbide (SiC) inverter reference design with a power of up to 350kW/850V.


At the heart of this reference design is the use of advanced SiC semiconductor technology. SiC materials are particularly good because of their ability to operate at high temperatures and high voltages. Compared with traditional silicon materials, SiC semiconductors have higher efficiency and faster switching speeds, which means less energy loss and higher performance. . For electric vehicles, this not only means faster charging and longer driving range, but also a better driving experience and lower usage costs. 


As an authorized dealer of  Cissoid, BONCHIP has begun to offer this complete SiC inverter development kit for sale. The kit's high degree of modularity enables automakers and component suppliers to conduct product development and performance testing faster, significantly reducing time to market. At the same time, the modular nature of the reference design also provides automakers with unprecedented flexibility, allowing them to quickly adjust and optimize electric drive systems according to different vehicle models and application requirements.

The launch of this SiC inverter is undoubtedly a milestone event for the entire electric vehicle industry. It not only symbolizes technological progress, but also is one of the signs of the maturity of electric vehicles. The limitation of battery technology has always been a bottleneck in the development of the electric vehicle industry, and high-efficiency SiC inverters provide a solution to this problem. It improves the energy utilization of the entire vehicle by reducing the energy consumption of the motor and inverter, thus Promote battery performance to be maximized and life span extended.


The market has also responded extremely positively to this new inverter, with many car companies and automotive technology developers showing strong interest in it. As the trend of intelligent and connected electric vehicles continues to heat up, SiC inverters like this, combined with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and other in-vehicle information systems, are expected to open up new application scenarios in the future and provide consumers with more efficient , a safer and more comfortable way to travel.

All in all, the introduction of the 800V SiC inverter is a huge leap forward for electric vehicle performance. It not only promotes the forward development of electric vehicle technology, but also accelerates the transformation of the traditional automobile industry to electrification. With the emergence and application of more innovative technologies, the future of electric vehicles will be brighter, and we will soon witness the arrival of this wonderful era of green transportation.



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