Electric flight: 800V SiC inverters taking aviation applications to new heights

Electric flight: 800V SiC inverters taking aviation applications to new heights
Post Date:2023-12-26,CISSOID

Electric flight: 800V SiC inverters taking aviation applications to new heights

Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the close integration of electric power technology and the aviation industry, the research and development and testing of electric aircraft, drones and all-electric aircraft have continued to advance, marking a major step forward in a new era in the field of electric flight. The requirements for power systems in the aviation field are extremely demanding, which not only cover the challenges faced by common electric delivery tools, such as efficiency and power density requirements, but also include the need to maintain system reliability under complex and changing flight conditions. Faced with this challenge, CISSOID joined hands with aviation industry giants to launch an innovative 800V SiC inverter technology application solution, providing strong technical power for new heights of electric flight.


CISSOID's SiC inverter technology platform is specially designed to adapt to the stringent requirements for voltage, power and cooling in special harsh environments such as aerospace. The modules provided by this platform stand out for their excellent safe operating area (RBSOA), which allows DC bus voltages up to 880V and can withstand peak currents up to 600A, ensuring that the application of 800V battery systems is absolutely safe and reliable under various extreme conditions.

It is particularly worth mentioning that the air-cooled modules (CMT-PLA3SB340AA and CMT-PLA3SB340CA) mounted on the CISSOID platform are specially designed for application scenarios where liquid cooling cannot be used, such as aviation electromechanical actuators and power converters. These modules have a rated blocking voltage of 1200V, a maximum continuous current of 340A, and excellent switching losses of only 8.42mJ and 7.05mJ (under 600V300A conditions), which means they can work efficiently during flight , while keeping the system calm and stable.

Driven by the third generation of wide-bandgap semiconductor devices such as SiC, the high-temperature resistance of the devices continues to improve, from 150°C to 175°C, and may reach or even exceed 200°C in the future. The unique high-temperature characteristics and low switching loss advantages of SiC inverters make them the best choice for the electric aviation field. These performance improvements will greatly promote innovation in the field of power system design and make more efficient system design possible.


Electric aviation is not limited to light drones, but also includes more complex applications such as all-electric and hybrid aircraft, multi-electric aircraft. This inverter technology makes all-electric aircraft possible, such as electric passenger and cargo planes, opening up new possibilities for future air transportation. At the same time, applications such as mobile energy storage charging stations and power banks will also benefit from the high temperature and high power density advantages of SiC inverters.


As a major innovation in the aerospace field, the development and practicalization of electric aircraft require stronger and more stable power support. CISSOID's technology provides a strong engineering foundation to solve this demand. As an authorized agent of CISSOID, BONCHIP is committed to bringing this technology to customers and providing professional supply and technical services in the market.


Overall, CISSOID’s 800VSiC inverter technology is an indispensable technical assistance in the process of electric flight. It can not only cope with severe aviation environmental challenges, but also has great potential to promote the development of air transportation towards a greener and more efficient future. With the continuous advancement of this technology and the in-depth promotion of its application, electric aircraft are expected to have a place in the future air transportation field and bring changes to the entire industry.




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