What is an inductor and inductor role

What is an inductor and inductor role
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What is an inductor
Electrochemicals are components that can be stored in magnetic energy and stored. The structure of the inductor is similar to a transformer, but there is only one winding. The inductor has a certain inductance, which only hinders changes in current. If the inductor has no current passing, it will try to hinder the current flow through it when the circuit is turned on; if the inductor is in a state of current, it will try to maintain the current unchanged. The inductor is also known as a clutor, an electric anti -anti -device, and a dynamic electrical resistor.

Electrical sensor structure composition
The inductor is generally composed of skeleton, winding, shielding, packaging material, magnetic heart or iron heart.

1. Skeleton
The skeleton refers to the bracket of the winding coil. Some larger fixed electromotors or adjustable electrocompators (such as oscillating coils, streaming rings, etc.) are mostly surrounded by lacquer cables (or gauze lines) on the skeleton, and then the magnetic heart or bronze heart, iron heart, etc. Inner cavity of the skeleton to increase its electrical measuring. The skeleton is usually made of plastic, glue, and ceramics. It can be made into different shapes according to actual needs: small electromotors (such as color code electromotors) generally do not use the skeleton, but directly wrap the lacquer cable on the magnetic heart; the hollow electrical sensor (Also known as the reborn coil or hollow coil, it is mostly used in high -frequency circuits.) There is no magnetic heart, skeleton, and shielding cover. Essence

2. Winding
Winding refers to a set of coils with prescribed functions, which is the basic component of the inductors. The winding is divided into single layers and multi -layer. There are two forms: a single -layer winding (the wires are circled one by one when the winding) and the winding (a certain distance between the wires between the wires during the winding). A variety of winding and bee -type winding methods.

3. Magnetic heart and magnetic stick
Magnetic heart and magnetic rod generally use nickel -zinc iron oxygen (NX series) or manganese zinc iron oxygen (MX series) and other materials. Species.

4. Tiexin
Iron -hearted materials are mainly silicon steel sheets, Poemo alloy, etc., and their shapes are mostly "E".

5. Shielding
To avoid the magnetic field produced by some inductors at work affects the normal operation of other circuits and components, it adds a metal screen cover (such as the oscillating coil of the semiconductor radio, etc.). The inductor with a shield will increase the loss of the coil and reduce the Q value.

6. Packaging material
Some electromators (such as color code induction, color cycle induction, etc.) are used to seal the coil and magnetic heart with the packaging material. The packaging material is plastic or epoxy resin.
Electrochemical work principle
The working principle of the inductors is divided into two parts: the working process of the induction sensor after power -to -power is powered on. At this time, the inductor is generated by the electrical field; the working process of the inductor in the cross -magnetic field.
Regarding the working principle of inductors, Dongguan crystal magnetic sense mainly illustrates the following points:
(1) When an AC current is connected to the coil, an interchange magnetic field is generated around the inductor. This magnetic field is called the original magnetic field.
(2) When passing the DC current to the inductors, the constant magnetic field of the size and direction of the inductor should be generated around the inductors.
Inductor characteristics
The characteristics of the inductors are the opposite of the characteristics of the capacitor. It has the characteristics of preventing the passing of the DC power from passing through the passage. When the DC signal is through the coil, the resistance voltage of the wire itself is small; when the exchange signal is through the coil, the ends of the coil will generate self -induction. Essence
Therefore, the characteristics of the inductors are dynamic and blocked. The higher the frequency, the greater the coil impedance. The inductor often works with the capacitor in the circuit to form an LC filter, LC oscillator, etc. In addition, people also use the characteristics of the inductance to create streaming circles, transformers, relays, etc.

Inductor role
The inductor mainly plays the role of filtering, oscillation, delay, and trap, as well as screening signals, filtering noise, stable current, and inhibiting electromagnetic wave interference.

Development of inductors
The most primitive inductor was Michael Faraday, which was used to discover electromagnetic induction phenomena in 1831. In 1832, Joseph Henry in the United States published a paper on self -inductive phenomena. People referred to the unit of inductance as Henry, referred to as Heng. In the middle of the 19th century, inductors were actually applied in telegraphs, telephones and other devices. In 1887, Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, Germany, in 1890, Nikola Tesla, the inductors used in the experiments are very famous, namely Herzzhzzhzzhzzhz Coil and Tesla coil.

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