Samtec Inc produces 9 series of high-performance connectors, solutions, and an overview of their application fields

Samtec Inc produces 9 series of high-performance connectors, solutions, and an overview of their application fields
Post Date:2023-11-08,Samtec Inc.

Samtec Inc produces 9 series of high-performance connectors, solutions, and an overview of their application fields

Samtec Inc is a well-known connector and system solutions provider specializing in the electronic interconnection industry. They manufacture various types of connectors, including board-to-board, wire-to-board, input/output, and more.


Samtec Inc's SEARAY™ series is a high-density, high-speed, array connector system that is widely used in a variety of electronic applications. Generally speaking, these models are classified according to the number of pins (such as 40, 50, 80, 100, etc. ), row and column configuration, interface type (in-line or patch), terminal material and plating and other factors to distinguish. Includes, but is not limited to, data communications, computers, test and measurement equipment, and military and aerospace electronics.
ASP-Series (Standard SEARAY™):

ASP-134486-01: High-Speed Edge Card Extender
ASP-134603-01: Open pin rear connector
These connectors are typically used in high-speed signaling applications, such as in data centers or high-performance computing.
SEAM/SEAF-Series (High Density Array)

Specific models of SEAM/SEAF series, for example: SEAM-10-02.0-S-04-1-A-K-TR  ,SEAM-15-07.0-S-10-2-A-K-TR ,SEAM-20-01-L-06-2-RA-K-TR ,SEAM-30-11.0-L-08-2-A-K-TR ,SEAM-40-02.0-L-08-2-A-K-TRSEAM-50-02.0-S-08-2-A-K-TR

SEAF-10-05.0-L-04-1-A-K-TR ,SEAF-40-06.5-S-10-1-A-K-TR ,SEAF-50-01-L-08-2-RA-GP-K-TR ,SEAF8-50-05.0-S-10-2-K  ..and others

SEAM-20-XX-S-D-RA: Right angle female socket, XX indicates the number of pins
SEAF-20-XX-S-D-RA: Right angle socket, XX indicates pin number
Suitable for a variety of board-to-board or cable-to-board applications such as server backplanes or network equipment.
LPSE/LSSE-Series (Low Profile SEARAY™):

LPSE: Low Profile Socket
LSSE: low profile plug
These models are particularly suitable for space-constrained applications such as portable equipment

2.Tiger Eye™ Series - TFM/SFM

Samtec's Tiger Eye™ terminal system for high reliability and long life applications. Multi-contact beryllium copper terminals provide redundant contacts and the best combination of mechanical and electrical performance. Choose from surface mount or through-hole terminations, vertical or right-angle assembly orientations, as well as friction latches, solder tabs and latches for greater design flexibility. , this miniature connector is suitable for applications requiring high reliability and high cycle times, such as industrial control and medical equipment.
Specific models of TFM/SFM series include:

 TFM-103-01-L-D-RE1-WT ,TFM-103-02-L-D-WT ,TFM-104-01-L-D-RA , TFM-105-01-L-D , TFM-106-01-L-D , 

TFM-107-01-L-D , TFM-107-01-S-D-RATFM-110-01-L-D-DS , TFM-115-02-S-D-WT-K-TR , TFM-125-01-L-D-WT , 


TFM-140-11-S-D , SFM-104-01-L-D , SFM-105-01-S-D , SFM-107-02-S-D , SFM-115-03-S-D-A , SFM-120-01-S-D-LC  ..and others

Features: Locking clamp and weld tab options available to meet extreme durability requirements
Up to 8 Gbps performance

3.Q Strip® Series - QSH/QTH

Q Strip® connectors feature surface-mount signal terminals and provide a surface-mount ground plane between the two rows of signal terminals for improved electrical performance. Q Strip® connector mating sets are available in 8 different stacking heights, ranging from 5 mm (.197") to 30 mm (1.180)". Options include guide posts for blind-mate applications and locating pins and latches for proper connector placement prior to reflow processing.
These high-speed array connectors are commonly used in data centers, high-speed data transmission, and test and measurement applications.

Specific models of QSH/QTH series, for example:  

QSH-020-01-F-D-DP-A ,  QSH-030-01-C-D-A-K-TR , QSH-030-01-F-D-A-K-TR , QSH-030-01-L-D , QSH-030-01-L-D-A-K-TR,

 QSH-060-01-H-D-A , QSH-080-01-L-D-DP-AQSH-120-01-L-D-A-K , QTH-020-01-F-D-DP-A , QTH-030-01-C-D-A , 

QTH-040-01-F-D-DP-A  ,  QTH-060-01-L-D-RA , QTH-060-02-F-D-A , QTH-090-04-L-D-A ,

QTH-120-02-L-D-A , QTH-120-02-L-D-A-K ,  QTH-150-01-L-D-A   ..and others





4.Edge Rate® Series - ERM8/ERF8

Edge Rate ® contact systems are designed for long-life, high-speed applications. The surface of Edge Rate® is polished to create a smooth mating surface area, rather than stamped terminals mating on a cut edge. This smooth mating surface reduces signs of wear on the terminal, increasing the durability and life of the terminal system. At the same time, it also reduces the insertion force and extraction force, allowing the connector to be removed in a "zipper" manner. Usually used in high-speed signal transmission of storage systems and communication equipment.

ERM8/ERF8 Specific models of the series include: ERM8-005-01-L-D-EM2-L-TR , ERM8-010-01-S-D-RA-L-K-TR  , ERM8-010-01-S-D-RA-L-TR , ERM8-011-02.0-L-DV-TR ,

ERM8-013-01-L-D-RA-K-DS-TR , ERM8-020-01-L-D-EM2-L-TR , ERM8-025-01-L-D-EM2-DS-EGPS-TR ,  ERM8-030-01-L-D-RA-TR ,  ERM8-040-03-S-D-RA-TR , 

 ERM8-040-05.0-L-DV-DSS-L-K-TR ,  ERF8-010-07.0-S-DV-TR , ERF8-011-01-S-D-RA-L-TR , ERF8-013-01-S-D-EM2-TR , ERF8-020-01-S-D-EM2-EGPS-TR , ERF8-020-01-S-D-EM2-TR ...


Durable Edge Rate® terminals
Smooth, wide polished contact surface extends wear life
56 Gbps PAM4 performance
SET Qualified Products: Please visit'j for details on harsh environment testing
Number of needles: up to 200
Stack height: 7 mm - 18 mm
Final Inch® branch area data available
Available with 360º shroud (ERM8-S)
Latching, differential pair and extended guide options
As a common source of supply with Hirose®

5.AccliMate™ Series - IP68 Encapsulated Connectors

These are water and dust resistant circular connectors for use in outdoor or harsh environment applications such as industrial automation and marine applications.
ACPK/ACR series specific models such as: ACPK-12-02-G-S-P-3  , ACPK-16-03-G-S-P-1 ,ACPK-16-03-G-S-P-1  ,ACR05A220JGS , ACR05B100KGS ,

ACRK-12-02-G-T-C-P-3 ..



6.FireFly™ fiber optic series

The FireFly™ Micro Flyover System™ is the first interconnect system of its kind to give designers the flexibility to interchange micro-encapsulated high-performance optical cables and low-cost copper interconnects using the same connector system.

Samtec FireFly™ copper and fiber optic cable systems provide the flexibility to enable higher data rates (up to 28 Gbps) and/or longer transmission distances, simplifying circuit board design and improving performance. This is a hot-swappable micro-fiber system that is widely used in high-speed optical communications and high-performance computing in data centers.

FireFly™ Fiber Cable System
56 Gbps PAM4 SerDes Characterization
To facilitate routing, data connections are separated off the circuit board
Interchangeable with FireFly™ copper cables
Data rate options: 14 Gbps, 16 Gbps, 25 Gbps, 28 Gbps
Designed for board or package placement
Multiple integrated heat sinks, fiber types and terminal2 options
Specific examples of FireFly™ optical fiber series: ECUO/PCUO/ETUO/ETMO/PTUO/ECUE/PCUE

7.mPOWER® Series

The mPOWER® Connector System is the ultimate miniature high-power solution, a product family that provides exceptional design flexibility for board-to-board, cable-to-board and cable-to-cable applications. With a variety of stack heights, mPOWER® can be easily added to new or existing architectures. Discrete cable assemblies simplify circuit board layout and provide direct power to active components in the system. As ultra-miniature high-power connectors, these connectors are suitable for applications that require a small form factor but high current requirements, such as power connections.

8.IsoRate® Series - High Isolation RF Connectors

These connectors are commonly used in high-frequency applications such as wireless communications and RF test equipment. These IsoRate® high-isolation RF connectors and cables offer significant cost savings compared to traditional RF connectors at half the cost.
Nearly identical performance at half the cost of traditional RF
Edge Rate® contacts enable high isolation
50 ohm board to board system
50 ohm fully ganged system or ganged with industry standard end 2 option
Available forward latch

9.Z-Ray® Series

Samtec Z-Ray® ultra-low profile arrays offer a 500mA per line current rating, a performance range of 14Gbps to 56Gbps, and a pitch range of 0.80mm to 1.00mm. These arrays provide precise alignment, compression, and retention of dual compression (LGA) or single compression of balled (BGA) Z-ray interposers. The Z-ray array features a low-profile design, high density, and a flexible structure that can be customized in the X, Y, and Z axes. Samtec Z-Ray ultra-low profile arrays are ideal for military/defense, aerospace and R&D applications including radar, radio, navigation and sensors.
Specific models of ZA1/ZA8 series include: ZA1-10-2-1.00-Z-10 , ZA1-20-2-1.00-Z-10 , ZA1-30-2-1.00-Z-10 , 

 ,ZA1-40-2-1.00-Z-10 , ZA1310 , ZA1311 , ZA8-10-1-1.00-Z-10-2 , ZA8-10-2-1.00-Z-10 ,  ZA8-20-2-1.00-Z-10 ,ZA8-30-2-1.00-Z-10 ...


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